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Our group is committed to the synthesis of the highest quality samples of highly correlated electron materials. The furnaces we have can reach a wide variety of temperature regimes and reaction conditions.


Welcome to the Quantum Materials Group at Florida State University and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The aim of our group is to systematically understand correlated electron physics in transition metal oxides and heavy fermion materials. This involves several major components:

(1) Sample preparation and crystal growth
(2) Low temperature physical property measurements (including transport property and thermodynamic property experiments in high magnetic fields)
(3) High resolution x-ray diffraction (in ambient conditions and down to low temperatures)
(4) Neutron scattering experiments
(5) Muon spin relaxation measurements (or µSR for short)

The picture below summarizes our approach:

The general theme of our research is the study of phase transitions. Our group is interested in four broad fields of condensed matter physics:

(1) Geometrically frustrated materials
(2) Heavy fermion magnetism
(3) Exotic superconductors
(4) Low-dimensional magnetism

Currently our group consists of our P.I. (Professor Chris Wiebe), a post-doctoral fellow (Dr. Haidong Zhou) and a graduate student (John Janik).

We are always looking for new talent to join our exciting research team, so feel free to write Professor Wiebe at:


This work is supported by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.